Mainmark’s patented ground improvement techniques are used worldwide to quickly compress or recompress soil.

Mainmark applies its deep soil strengthening and void filling technologies to improve the bearing capacity of soils which underlie permanent way.

The method is fast and can be applied while rail traffic is on the move, ensuring little to no downtime. In many cases, jobs that take weeks using other methods can be completed using the Mainmark’s method in just hours.

Our work is completed under the guidance of a Geotechnical Engineer under conditions of full International Quality Assurance.

Mainmark re-levels track work and rail bridges. Piers can be re-substantiated, and all this can be done between train operations.

Mainmark can work during down times and in confined spaces. Our equipment is portable, so where there are no roads, our workshop can be mounted on a flat wagon and taken by train to the worksite.

Re-level Track & Small Bridges

Bridges with non-piled footings which fall out of level due to soil weakness, respond quickly to the Mainmark’s methods.

Locations which would be difficult to reach by road are no problem for Uretek- we load our fully integrated workshop onto a container wagon and train it to the site!

Re-levelling Box Sections

Box sections sink because the ground underneath is not strong enough to hold them. Sometimes the ground’s bearing pressure was never calculated correctly, sometimes the nature of the ground changes due to water incursion, and sometimes more weight is placed on the culvert than engineers originally calculated.

Whatever the cause, Mainmark’s patented system regularly lifts culverts into place after improving bearing pressures sometimes by 400 or even 500%! N values are up, bearing pressure is up, the culvert is no longer down!

Mainmark’s methods can even help when a culvert has dropped as far as the culverts at right. Even a drop of 300mm is no problem for Mainmark!



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