Mainmark has worked on many Mining and Resources projects, having provided effective and economical ground engineering services to the sector for over 20 years. Our non-invasive technologies raise, re-level and re-support moving and sunken structures, stacker-reclaimer rails, conveyor belt supports, tanks, machinery, roads, and pavements.

We also have extensive experience with filling and post-fall recovery treatments, as well as water and gas ingress control. Mainmark methods strengthen and stabilise the ground, with zero negative impact on the environment. Mainmark are specialists in techniques that deliver optimum results with minimal disruption to the site. Time efficiency is at a premium and work can often be completed whilst your operations continue. Our non-invasive methods mean no excavation is required, so sites do not become messy or hazardous.

Often mining equipment is established in very difficult terrain. That’s where Mainmark can help by re-levelling equipment and maintaining mine production. Rail lines, drag lines, static excavators, loaders – virtually any equipment on a mine site can be re-levelled. Mainmark also fills large voids, decommissions old mines and shores up dangerous underground sites. Our void fillers can work in wet or poisoned ground to exclude water and other fluids.

Weak Ground in Mining and Resources

In mining and resources applications, weak ground and subsidence can create significant occupational health & safety challenges. Mine subsidence can also create lengthy downtime, as support structures have to be built to help minimise safety hazards.

Mainmark methods can be used successfully on any structure of any size.

For many years we have raised, re-levelled, and re-supported on-ground and in-ground mine-site structures, including:

  • Coal loader towers
  • Conveyer belt pedestal bases
  • Rock-breaker footings
  • Rail index machine slabs
  • Vehicle service centres & garages
  • Stacker reclaimer rails
  • Office buildings
  • Conveyer belt counter-weight towers
  • Railway lines
  • Engineering workshops
  • Parking areas
  • Loading docks

Key benefits of Mainmark’s ground stabilisation methods include:

  • There is minimum disruption to the site, no excavation and no mess
  • Projects are completed in a time-frame significantly less than traditional methods
  • Non-invasive techniques mean further damage to the site, and the landscaping around it, is absolutely minimal.
  • We don’t tear up areas or excavate ground, creating costly and time-wasting messes
  • Trip hazards are eliminated. Vehicles and machinery can run smoothly almost immediately
  • Re-levelling is completed in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. There’s no cutting out of old slabs and no waiting days for new slabs to cure
  • There are usually substantial cost savings, in comparison to traditional methods
  • Weight is no problem, in fact the greater the weight on the ground the more it can be compacted. Huge ground support can be created, especially when the area is loaded with weight
  • There’s minimal interruption to the site, operations can often continue while the work is being completed.


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