Factory and warehouse buildings, floors and driveways may all develop problems due to loss of ground support. Most subsidence problems can be fixed quickly and economically by Mainmark expanding structural resin injection with minimal interruption to your work.

The process, often referred to as slab lifting, or concrete floor lifting, is fast and clean: no excavation, no water, no cement dust, no mess: unlike concrete underpinning. You don’t have to wait days for new cement to dry and to cure. Your forklifts, pallet jacks, and trucks can operate over the area just 30 minutes after we finish the slab injection. Moving and sunken slabs can usually be re-supported, re-levelled, and saved, unless too badly cracked. In a complex situation our experienced technical people can advise you about what can be saved and what should be replaced.

Mainmark’s structural expanding resin can re-level sunken slabs and re-support moving slabs in driveways, parking areas, garages, hardstand areas, and loading docks quickly, accurately and economically. With underpinning by resin injection, it generally takes only a few hours to level driveways, loading docks, hardstand areas and parking areas. Even the heaviest vehicles – forklifts, trucks and airliners – can run smoothly just 30 minutes after foam underpinning is completed. There is minimal interruption to traffic flow.

Sub-base problems at factories include:

  • Sinking foundations;
  • Concrete slabs deflecting (bending);
  • Dynamic loads from heavy machinery pushing machinery mounts into the ground;
  • Floors not level;
  • Development of trip hazards which are dangerous to staff and to product;
  • Cracking walls which destroy themselves if the problem is not resolved; &
  • Inability to run some machines e.g. robots, printing presses and glass making because of out of level flooring.

Many factory owners attempt to overcome these issues by relocating plant and equipment. This is only a very temporary fix, even though it can be expensive depending on the type of machinery being re-located. Some owners even put in a self levelling epoxy floor which fixes the problem in the short term, but cracks as the slab continues to move.

The basic problem is the low bearing capacity of the soft soil. Even breaking out sunken slabs and recasting new ones in place will not increase the bearing capacity of the soft soils and further subsidence will result over time.

The solution is to compact and densify the underlying soils, improving their bearing capacity to the point where they support the factory’s floor slabs and the load on the floor slabs.

To reduce the risk of future downtime due to failed concrete slabs, Mainmark’s soil repair methods can be adopted as a maintenance measure and applied under important areas of machinery. This can be accomplished without losing any production days as Mainmark’s work can be done while the factory &/or machine continues to operate.



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