ISO 14001 Certified Company stamp

Mainmark’s commitment: working towards environmental excellence

Last year, Mainmark announced it was among only a handful of organisations in our industry to hold a 2015 ISO certification for Environmental Management and Quality Management.

This is a significant achievement and demonstrates Mainmark’s commitment to complying not only with Australian Standards, but also those recognised internationally.

It additionally demonstrates our commitment to becoming more environmentally conscious in an age where globalisation is changing the way we do business. This is important for Mainmark as we expand our reach to new markets around the world and collaborate with large corporations in Australia and abroad that will only work with reputable, certified Tier 1 contractors.

Achieving ISO Standard certification involves a comprehensive business audit and is a detailed process that can take months. For Mainmark, achieving ISO certification isn’t simply about ticking boxes; it’s a reflection of who we are, our culture, methods and approach.

The ISO 2015 Standard contains major revisions to the previous 2004 edition, requiring companies to demonstrate the steps they are taking to improve their environmental performance.

The ISO 14001 2015 amendments are a response to the new social and legal environment we operate in.  With environmental sustainability presenting an enormous challenge for many organisations, Mainmark is taking a holistic approach to identifying, assessing, managing, monitoring and controlling our environmental impacts.

The revised Standard mandates that the highest level of management must take the lead in integrating environmental management practices into their organisation’s core strategies, processes, and priorities. It also requires more proactive risk management to protect the environment throughout every level of a company’s operations, including methods that respond to changing environmental conditions driven by societal and economic needs.

How do we demonstrate our commitment to improving environmental performance?

For more than 25 years, Mainmark has delivered innovative solutions for foundation repair, and rectifying problems in residential, industrial, commercial, civil engineering, and mining infrastructure.  Our remediation methods help our customers avoid unnecessary excavation or demolition where possible.

We offer the most advanced systems in ground engineering and asset preservation. Our methods are among the most reliable, practical and least disruptive ways to deliver ground improvement and re-level buildings using solutions that are environmentally inert.

For example, Mainmark has developed a liquefaction mitigation solution that can be applied beneath existing structures to improve soil foundation characteristics in earthquake prone regions.  The solution has undergone extensive testing which was carried out in the Christchurch Red Zone. The solution is now recognised in the MBIE Module 5 in NZ for earthquake strengthening.  Mainmark has used the solution to successfully remediate a number of structures, including a

two-storey property

in Christchurch NZ that had suffered liquefaction induced lateral spreading following the 2011 earthquakes.

Mainmark operates in environments that demand the strictest safety and environmental requirements internationally, including mines, airports and public infrastructure. This informs our approach to all projects. Our methods meet the same stringent criteria, regardless of scale, from residential foundation repair to large complex commercial projects.

Due to the nature of our work, our staff undergo compulsory training in handling hazardous materials, including the management of potential emergencies. Chemicals are stored with careful consideration given to potential physical reactions and health effects on our workforce.

For disposal of waste including empty drums, we prefer to work with specialist drum recyclers, and Chemtrans or Cleanaway as they are NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited service providers. These businesses ensure environmental and statutory requirements conform to industry best practices, while also using electronic tracking systems for accurate reporting.

ISO 14001 provides a strong framework for Mainmark to manage environmental risk as we pursue excellence through the implementation of world-class environmental management processes.

Ultimately, environmental and personal safety is what matters most. Mainmark is committed to a proactive approach and continual improvement. Achieving 2015 ISO certification for Environmental Management and Quality Management is a tangible demonstration of our progress to date.

Laurie Andrews MainmarkBy Joe Glanville

Joe Glanville is Mainmark’s ANZ Commercial Manager. He has over 15 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, acquiring broad commercial, construction and project management skills.