Mainmark launches innovative new advanced spray-on corrosion protection for steel and concrete – ENCAP6™

Mainmark has launched ENCAP6™, a new range of technologically advanced, spray-on corrosion protection solutions for revitalising ageing concrete and steel infrastructure.

This innovative solution provides public works and civil construction sectors with a viable and cost-effective solution for addressing challenges of rehabilitating and maintaining concrete assets.

It bonds tenaciously to concrete to effectively seal, and vastly improve, the durability of an asset.

Strong chemical bonds with concrete and steel

Unlike many epoxy and polyurea lining systems, the patented ENCAP6 products chemically bond to concrete and steel substrates.

ENCAP6 is formulated using a high quality vinyl ester resin that has excellent chemical resistance and hydrolytic stability. The resin is infused with specially treated 12-micron glass microfibres less than 1/2mm in length for exceptional structural performance, and loaded with coupling agents and adhesion promoters.

It has a flexural strength of 140Mpa (compared to an average concrete flexural strength of 25Mpa). When applied with a traditional glass laminate, it has a flexural strength of 280Mpa.

Reducing the cost of concrete rehabilitation

Using ENCAP6 to rehabilitate ageing concrete and steel infrastructure can eliminate the need to reconstruct or replace existing assets, helping to reduce capital replacement and labour costs. It is applied using an innovative spray-on methodology in layers to deliver specific, engineered outcomes.

Typical applications include the rehabilitation of:

  • government and transport infrastructure (including potable water and waste water systems, manholes, culverts and stormwater assets)
  • petrochemical and chemical environments
  • mine infrastructure
  • grain silos
  • secondary containment areas
  • industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Developed in Australia by Mirteq, the resin is manufactured both locally and in the USA. Mainmark is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor.

Mirteq’s microfibre technology was awarded the American Composite Manufacturers Association’s ACE Innovation Award in 2010.

Read more at: https://mainmark.com/products/encap6.

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By: Russell Groth

Russell Groth, was Mainmark’s Development Manager (Trenchless Technology). With over 10 years experience in the plumbing industry, Russell brings a wealth of knowledge in trenchless technology and relining. He currently manages ENCAP6 (a technologically advanced solution for revitalising ageing infrastructure) and Primusline (a trunk pipe relining product that renovates aged pipe for gas, water and waste) technologies. His passion for asset preservation has led him to the development of an innovative sprayable system used exclusively by Mainmark in resin application.