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Mainmark helps to ensure a safe and spectacular Christmas for Sandgate and Deagon community

For the last 25 years, the Sandgate Uniting Church’s annual Christmas Lights Festival has been a part of the community fabric in the northern Brisbane suburbs of Deagon and Sandgate.

This year, Mainmark was pleased to play an important role in helping to keep passersby safe to enjoy the spectacle.

Hundreds of visitors are attracted each night by the light display, live music and family activities during the two week event. However, 2017 has been a challenging year for Sandgate Uniting Church, and essential repairs to the pathways around the church were needed to address trip hazards and make viewing the lights as safe as possible, especially as the number of visitors peaks during the evenings.

At the front of the church, tree roots had spread under the pipes and the footpaths causing significant damage. Drainage issues from cracked pipes had also washed away underlying soil, creating unlevel surfaces. The church’s minister, Reverend Anne Hulbert said that due to the high number of people visiting the church, it was necessary to minimise every single hazard to ensure a great experience for everyone.

The church’s property officer, Phil Livsey, contacted Mainmark and we offered to help by removing the hazards free of charge. Last week, just in time for the festival, Mainmark technicians were on hand to successfully raise and re-level the sunken pathways and driveways around the church by injecting our proprietary engineered resin, Teretek®, in several strategic locations. This lifted the concrete surfaces where required and removed the trip hazards that had the potential to cause issues for the many visitors, young and old.

Reverend Hulbert shared that this is the first time that pro bono work has been offered to the church. The event was a great opportunity for Mainmark to give back to the community and spread awareness of our ground engineering solutions. In fact, Reverend Hulbert noted that three other people who came to see the work being carried out at Sandgate are now contacting Mainmark about having their own homes repaired.

Laurie Andrews MainmarkBy Joe Glanville

Joe Glanville is Mainmark’s ANZ Commercial Manager. He has over 15 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, acquiring broad commercial, construction and project management skills.