Our company

Why choose Mainmark as your preferred geotechnical expert?

Mainmark offers unique, innovative solutions for rectifying problems with foundation ground in residential, industrial, commercial, heritage and civil engineering situations. Mainmark has also led the world in developing and offering the most advanced and accurate systems in ground engineering and asset preservation. Our methods are some of the most reliable, practical and least disruptive ways of re-levelling buildings. Mainmark Civil and Mining Services Quality Management System is fully ISO 9001:2008 approved and Mainmark has been a proud member of the Master Builders Association in several states of Australia and in New Zealand since 1993. In New Zealand, Mainmark’s methods are cited within the MIBE Guidance Document (refer MIBE Document, appendix A1, pages A1.8 am A1.12), comply with council consent requirements and insurable. Many earthquake affected structures (homes, offices and utilities) in Christchurch have been re-levelled by us.

How many projects has Mainmark completed?

We have successfully treated over 11,000 sites in Australasia. With a global footprint across 15 locations and over 200 staff worldwide, Mainmark has completed many tens of thousands of projects.

Are our products safe and environmentally friendly?

Our methods are environmentally inert, and have no detrimental effects on the environment.

Our technologies

What is the ENCAP6™ method?

ENCAP6™ a technologically advanced solution for revitalising ageing infrastructure. It acts by sealing, protecting and structurally reinforcing ageing assets. ENCAP6™ stops asset decay in six essential ways: Chemical Resistance, Adhesion, Inflow and Infiltration, Structural Enhancement, Abrasion Resistance, Permanent Solution.

What is the Jet Grouting method?

Jet Grouting is accomplished with high pressure, high velocity jets located in a grout monitor attached to a drill stem. It uses a complex process of water-jetting and slurry jetting which produces an end result of ‘soil-crete columns’ with high strength and low hydraulic conductivity.

What is the JOG method?

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting is a unique system that is extensively used for re-levelling large and complex structures, such as multi-storey residential and commercial buildings. It enables level correction without the use of hydraulic jacks and temporary lifting platforms.

What is the Permeation Grouting method?

Permeation Grouting creates ground cohesion before excavation. It helps strengthen sands and gravels, and repairs structural formations in noncohesive soils at depths as great as 60m. The process produces a solidified mass to support increased load and fill voids in the soil.

What is the Primus Line method?

Primus Line® is a cost-effective and environmentally inert trenchless technology for rehabilitating and fixing high pressure hoses and pipelines.

What is the STRAAM method?

Measuring a structure’s heartbeat, or the normal vibrations in a that occur in response to environmental factors, helps identify any abnormal responses that may indicate structural damage or weakness. Structural analysis can provide an early warning of potential weaknesses or damage. Find out more

What is the Terefil® method?

Terefil® is the world’s most advanced structural light-weight polymer modified cementitious based filler. It is an advanced engineered fill material providing an excellent solution when granular fills or aggregate material options are too heavy, site access is limited, or project schedules are extremely tight.

What is the Terefirm® method?

Terefirm™ Resin Injection – the next generation in ground improvement, liquefaction mitigation and bearing capacity enhancement solutions

Remediating structures affected by serious ground issues, such as liquefaction, poor compaction or settlement, has up until now been a complex process. Weak ground can compromise building foundations and footings, putting the structure at risk of collapse. Ground improvement solutions that are currently available are limited, highly invasive, costly, time consuming and messy. If the ground improvement work requires a building tenant to relocate, the interruption to business can add further losses to both the business operator and building owner.

What is the Teretek method?

Teretek® structural resin injection is a modern alternative to traditional underpinning. It is a unique and patented means of improving the bearing capacity of foundation soils, re-levelling settled buildings and other structures.

What is the Uretek method?

Uretek® structural resin injection is a modern alternative to traditional underpinning. It is a unique and patented means of improving the bearing capacity of foundation soils, re-levelling settled buildings and other structures.

What Other Resins do Mainmark offer?

Mainmark can use a variety of tested and proven specialised engineered resins to bind weak strata and fill voids, crevices, and large cavities in civil and mining applications.

All of the materials we use are environmentally inert, cost-effective, and efficient. The products we use cure quickly, so our customers can use the treated area sooner; often as fast as 30 minutes after treatment. We work quickly to minimise downtime, keeping our customers up and running even while repair works are being carried out.

What type of structures can Mainmark technologies be used for/on?

Mainmark methods provide ideal ground engineering and asset preservation solutions for numerous structures, of varying size and type, including residential, commercial, infrastructure, heritage, civil and mining projects. We offer methods such as level correction of sinking floors and buildings, strengthening weak and unstable groundfilling holes, voids and pipesearthquake remediation, and revitalising ageing infrastructure.

Our processes

Level correction

How does Mainmark address level correction?

Using advanced technologies and methods which include Teretek ResinUretek ResinJOG Computer-Controlled GroutingJet Grouting and PowerPiles. Mainmark is able to correct ground subsidence and get your property back to level.

What process does Mainmark employ to ensure that the slab is raised to an even, level plane?

Employing laser devices, and other computer or technological controls, our technicians use sophisticated procedures throughout the process to carefully monitor and govern the amount of slab lift.

Will there be disruption or mess at our property?

Our level correction methods involve very minimal disruption to your property. A lot like keyhole surgery, injection of materials is usually through tiny holes (16mm, but as small as 6mm if used inside the house). The holes are few and far between. Tile or parquet floor? We position holes as unobtrusively as we can, for instance right beside or beneath a skirting board where possible. Being tiny, the holes are practically unnoticeable if they are filled with a small wooden plug or drilled through the tile joints. Carpet? If carpet is present we would roll it back from the affected area but often it can be loosened from the tack strip along the wall or otherwise injection tubes can be inserted through carpet.

How much can Mainmark technologies lift?

Theoretically there is no limit to the amount of lift possible. Our technology has been used previously to lift structures from 1mm to 1300mm!

How long does it take to re-level or lift a structure?

Depending on the situation and methods used, most projects often can be re-levelled within a few hours, a few days or up to a few weeks.

Weak or unstable ground

How does Mainmark address weak or unstable ground?

Using advanced technologies and methods which include Teretek Resin, Uretek Resin, PowerPiles and Jet Grouting. Mainmark is able to rectify your soil stabilisation and ground compaction issues.

What structures that have weak or unstable ground can this technology be applied on?

Majority of on-ground structures including buildings, concrete floors, driveways, roads, paved airport runways and more.

Holes and void filling

How does Mainmark address holes and voids?

Using advanced technologies and methods which include Teretek Resin, Permeation GroutingTerefil® and Uretek Deep-Injection. Mainmark is able to fill your holes and voids and stabilise the surrounding structures.

What applications can void fill method be used on?

Generally any structure or foundation that needs filling or stabilising which include:

  • Decommissioning culverts, pipes and tunnels
  • Mass fill for large voids, tanks, sink holes and abandoned mines
  • Bridge approach
  • Landslip repair
  • Retaining wall and wing wall backfill
  • Services trench and manhole backfill
  • Permeable sub-grade beneath roads and sporting facilities

Earthquake remediation

How does Mainmark address ground subsidence caused by earthquakes?

Using advanced technologies and methods which include Teretek ResinUretek ResinJOG Computer-Controlled Groutingand Jet Grouting. Mainmark offers the world’s most advanced earthquake remediation, liquefaction mitigation and ground-strengthening technologies.

What experience does Mainmark have with earthquake-related level correction?

In short, a lot. In the past five years, we have level-corrected over 500 projects damaged by the Christchurch quakes. Prior to this Mainmark has worked on earthquake-specific repairs since 1989. More Information

Revitalising ageing infrastructures

How does Mainmark revitalise ageing infrastructures?

Using advanced technologies and methods which include ENCAP6™. Mainmark specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of this corrosion protection system which seals, protects and structurally reinforces ageing assets.

What applications can ENCAP6™ be used on?

Generally any infrastructure that needs decay addressed and to be revitalised which include concrete and steel infrastructure, such as bridges, lift stations, pipe and tank relining and manholes.

What are the benefits of using ENCAP6™ for revitalising ageing infrastructure?

Using ENCAP6™, Mainmark works to reduce capital replacement costs and deliver significant labour and capital savings for typical applications which include bridges, sewerage lift stations, pipe and tank relining and manholes.

General FAQs

Do I need to move out of my home or will my business trading be affected?

Most level correction projects do not require occupants to vacate their property and in most cases furniture does not need to be moved.

Will there be a mess?

Very little, if any. We use structural resin injection technology which is likened to “keyhole surgery”, or JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting, with no major excavation and minimal disruption or mess. Mainmark methods are clean, quiet and odourless. Work is controlled from a fully equipped, self-contained mobile unit parked outside your residence.

How much does resin underpinning generally cost?

This will depend on a case by case basis. Compared to traditional concrete underpinning, with disruptions and consequential restoration expenses, Mainmark technologies are extremely cost-effective.

Who will carry out and be responsible for the work?

The work will be carried out by Mainmark Ground Engineering, using our own experienced technicians and Quality Management system.

What warranty will I get?

The materials we use have been developed for use underground and have been specifically engineered to resist shrinkage and deterioration. Materials are warranted by Mainmark based on various product warranties (please contact us to see which warranties apply in your region or country).