Your health and safety is our concern.

Mainmark ANZ is continuing to monitor government updates as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues. We are adhering to advice from relevant authorities and are committed to the ongoing health and wellbeing of all our staff and customers. We are currently operating at reduced capacity in some regions due to travel restrictions and non-essential business shutdowns.

Rest assured that we are still able to assist in reviewing the subsidence problems around your property or home. Where we are still operating we have developed modified procedures to mitigate exposure to the virus. If you have any concerns or for further information, please contact our customer service team.

Where we are unable to attend a site in person, we are now offering FREE virtual site inspections in many regions. To book, please fill in the form on the right or call our customer service team on AU 1800 623 312 / NZ 0800 873 835.

As the situation evolves we will make changes to our business operations as required by government directives. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Mainmark representative by email or phone, or call our customer service team on AU 1800 623 312 / NZ 0800 873 835 and we will work with you to make alternative arrangements.
Thank you and stay safe, Mainmark.

Frequently asked questions:

Are you still operating?

NSW, VIC and ACT: Based on the current government advice, we are operating at reduced capacity across these states due to lockdown restrictions. For your convenience we are also now offering FREE virtual site inspections. Where our staff attend your property for a site inspection or to carry out works, we have established appropriate health and hygiene practices, according to government directives.

QLD, SA, TAS and WA: Mainmark is continuing to operate as normal across these states and territories according to official advice from relevant authorities, with appropriate health and safety measures in place. We can provide site inspections or, for your convenience can offer FREE virtual site inspections.Where our staff attend your property for a site inspection or to carry out works, we have established appropriate health and hygiene practices, according to government directives.

New Zealand: Mainmark is operating at reduced capacity across some regions of New Zealand based on current government advice. Where appropriate our office staff are working from home and are still available to assist with all new enquiries and have technical or planning discussions in relation to existing projects via email, phone or video conference. We are also now offering FREE virtual site inspections for your convenience.

What precautions is Mainmark undertaking to mitigate the spread of COVID-19? Our personnel have been instructed to follow the recommended guidelines around mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing and wiping down of surfaces they may require to come in contact with and have been issued with masks, gloves and other appropriate hygiene equipment.

What if I am in the “high risk” category of contracting the virus? If there are elderly people, or people with underlying illnesses that make them more vulnerable to respiratory disease in the household or premises, then the site inspection can be rescheduled for a later date or we can conduct a virtual site inspection. If we do attend your premises, where possible we will carry out our inspections or works with no contact, all communications can be done via phone or e-mail. The treatment can also be contained to the exterior or the property where possible.

Do you need to enter my premises to conduct works or a site inspection? The majority of our projects are completed externally. If there is a need to enter your property, we will seek permission prior commencing works. In many cases, inspections can be conducted from outside the property and a mobile phone can be used to communicate with our staff whilst they complete the inspection.  Should they need to enter your home or premises, they will endeavour to avoid touching any surfaces.

Do I need to have face to face contact with your team? Whilst this is preferred, it is not always required. Communications can be conducted via phone, video call or e-mail. If you have any concerns about our representatives and technicians attending your home or business premises, please contact us to discuss.

What would I require for a virtual site inspection?

A device that supports any of the following applications: Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime

Additionally, for the virtual site inspection to be conducted quickly and smoothly, it would be useful if you can have some of the following information available for the affected property:

– Site photos and drawings
– Engineers or builders report
– Are there any wall cracks internally/externally?
– Doors and/or windows jamming?
– Details of the wall cladding type (brick veneer, timber weatherboard, plaster, concrete etc.)
– Are there existing internal/external piles?
– Is the foundation concrete?

Why is it important to address my subsidence now? 

Safety Risk Hazard
Cracks in walls and uneven floors don’t resolve themselves and will often get worse over time. The structural instability of foundation movement can make your house less watertight, allowing the ingress of moisture or other external elements and eventually even make it structurally unsafe.

Devaluation of Property
Foundation issues and the resulting wall cracks or sunken floors could devalue your property. Although it is rare, homes with severe foundation issues may even need to be demolished.

Additional Costs
The risk of doing nothing can be more costly down the track. Foundation damage does not fix itself so ignoring the problem can end up costing you more.