As road and railway infrastructure ages, it becomes more susceptible to damage caused by the increasingly heavier loads of cars, trucks, trams and trains.

Repeated and intense mechanical vibrations, coupled with heavy rains or poor drainage, can cause the ground to weaken under rail lines and roadways. The resulting voids and subsidence can cause costly and dangerous damage.

Train tracks can buckle and become unusable, putting passengers at risk and causing expensive delays. Surrounding infrastructure – including railway platforms, train stations, terminals, train yards, level crossing, and bridges – can be damaged or disturbed. Sunken roads can be unsafe to drive on. Mainmark raises, re-supports, and rehabilitates sunken and ageing roads, railway lines, and infrastructure quickly and economically. In many cases, work can be completed around vehicle and train traffic, minimising down time. Our void fill, grouting, resin injection, and corrosion protection technologies are strong, stable, and long-lasting. They are environmentally inert and are often immediately trafficable. Mainmark repairs suburban roads, major freeways, motorways and carriageways, road anchors, bridge approaches and abutments, tunnels, junctions, underpasses, interchanges, bridges, railway terminals, tunnel track-slabs, level crossings, weighbridges, driveways, railway platforms, light rail infrastructure, and train station buildings.

We solve problems with Roads

  • Strengthen soils and raise and re-level roads using JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting and our proprietary Teretek engineered resin solution
  • Stabilise soils and address erosion for road or rail extensions and tunnel construction using Permeation Grouting, Shotcrete or Gunite
  • Fill large voids, decommissioned tunnels, and sinkholes for safer roads with lightweight Terefil
  • Revitalise, seal, protect and structurally reinforce ageing roads, railway lines, and infrastructure impacted by weak ground and water ingress using Specialised Resins, Gels and Coatings
  • Protect and seal tunnels, culverts, concrete walls, and bridges using ENCAP6
  • Rehabilitate concrete roads, driveways, and pads with Ultra-Panels

Success Story:

Concrete roadway stabilised

Mainmark’s proprietary Teretek resin injection solution was identified as an ideal option to help improve the lifespan of the pavement slabs. Teretek has been used to successfully remediate roadways in Australia for more than 20 years. As an alternative to using traditional mud-jacking with cement grout, Teretek has a much longer life expectancy as it does not become brittle or break up under dynamic loading.

The total area requiring treatment was approximately 1500m2 and by using Teretek resin injection, Mainmark re-levelled a significant amount of roadway in a very short period. Numerous areas along the roadway were deflecting under load, pumping fines and showing differential settlement. By remediating using Teretek, rather than replacing the slabs, the Council was able to make significant cost savings

Success Story:

Returning a coal mine bridge to safe operation

Mainmark completely rehabilitated a ROM bridge embankment to mitigate the effects of weather and extremely heavy loads. Operating in a tight 30-day shut-down period, Mainmark filled voids and installed a resin-injected anchor system to restore the integrity of four embankment slopes. The method successfully protected against future erosion, slippage and degrading foundations, restoring the bridge to full and safe operations.

We solve problems with Rail

  • Re-support and re-level sunken railway lines and above-ground infrastructure using our Teretek engineered resin solution or JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting
  • Repair and revitalise concrete infrastructure using ENCAP6
  • Stabilise lose ground to prepare for railway works using Permeation Grouting and Jet Grouting
  • Backfill service trenches and retaining walls, replace unstable soils, and fill large voids with Terefil

Success Story:

Stabilising the Kaimai rail tunnel in New Zealand

Overburdened by the weight of 40 tonne train traffic, the Kaimai railway tracks had experienced significant subsidence. Trains were forced to slow down to accommodate the deviation in the train tracks and avoid derailing, causing costly delays across the network. Mainmark repaired the damage in just one day using the Uretek deep resin injection method to fill voids and lift the track to its original level. The first train ran across the corrected railway less than 90 minutes after the project was complete.

Success Story:

Re-levelling a busy railway platform

Platform two at Sydney’s busy Central Railway Station had developed significant voids beneath the foundation ground. In the dark of the night, Mainmark raised and re-supported the platform using Uretek deep resin injection. The project was completed in less than four hours overnight by a two-man team, minimising inconvenience to train station services and the train network.

Success Story:

Lifting a rail bridge pier on a major New South Wales railway

Located along the Main Southern railway, a major freight and passenger route in New South Wales, two rail bridge piers in the regional town of Bredalbane were showing significant signs of wear. The piers were deflecting up to 300 millimetres on the passing of each train, causing the footings to crack and shear. Mainmark successfully re-supported and strengthened the bridge piers in just two days using resin injection. The lines were returned to full operation in a matter of hours, minimising disruption to critical transport infrastructure.