Hazardous ground movement and weak rock strata can compromise the stability of underground coal mines, increasing the risk that rock walls, floors, and tunnels will collapse.

Voids and cracks can cause flammable gasses to accumulate and leak, exposing personnel to significant health and safety risks. Water ingress can damage mining products and cause mine workings to degrade. This can have costly and devastating consequences for underground coal mining companies. It is vital that ground problems are identified and addressed early to minimise safety risks and expensive downtime. Mainmark has extensive expertise in ground engineering and we specialise in solving geotechnical problems in underground coal mines. Our proven solutions deliver engineered outcomes that strengthen and consolidate coal rock, and our highly experienced team knows how to meet the advanced requirements of modern underground mining methods, including longwall coal mining and open cut mining.

We can:

Strengthen, stabilise, and consolidate weak rock strata using our Teretek engineered resin solution or specialised urea silicate resin injection technologies, specifically formulated for coal rock conditions

Fill underground voids and seal unused or abandoned mine shafts using resin injection technologies or our proprietary lightweight cementitious fill solution, Terefil

Rehabilitate, reinforce and waterproof ageing or damaged tunnels, lift shafts, pipes and tanks with Specialised Resins, Gels and Coatings