Buildings for educational facilities such as schools, TAFEs, and universities are purpose-built structures that represent a significant public infrastructure investment.

Keeping educational buildings safe and fully operational is a high priority for education providers.

Mainmark has more than 20 years of experience across the region in addressing building subsidence and foundation issues.

As educational buildings age, extension works and upgrades to accommodate a growing student population can result in structural movement as the footprint and load on the ground increases. Changes in ground conditions and soil stability can make buildings more susceptible to structural damage due to settlement. Jammed doors, jammed windows, trip hazards, and significantly cracked walls are just some of the signs that a building has suffered settlement, and that ground remediation and re-levelling may be required. If left untreated, these issues can quickly become hazardous and more expensive and difficult to repair over time.

Mainmark raises, re-supports, and re-levels educational buildings, providing foundation improvement, ground stabilisation, ground strengthening, liquefaction mitigation in seismic regions, and slab raising to address the symptoms and causes of subsidence. In most cases, unlevel buildings can be lifted with minimal disruption to classes; usually the educational institution won’t even have to move furniture.

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art resin injection and ground strengthening solutions are environmentally inert, non-toxic, and long-lasting. There’s no need for long wait times after applying the product, as floors and slabs will be trafficable very soon after application.

We solve problems with educational buildings

  • Strengthen weak ground and address sinking foundations using a wide range of technologies including JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting and our proprietary Teretek engineered resin injection solution
  • Protect educational buildings from ongoing subsidence issues by filling large holes and large voids with Terefil, our advanced engineered lightweight cementitious fill
  • Address structural damage and sinking floors without the need for expensive excavation and underpinning works
  • Extend the lifespan of educational facilities by re-levelling sinking buildings so windows and doors can operate smoothly again and cracks in walls reduce or close completely
  • Re-level floors and concrete surfaces to remove trip hazards for a safer learning environment
  • Strengthen unstable ground and weak foundations without the need to vacate buildings or cancel classes.

Success Story:

Black Mould addressed using Terefil® at a Tasmanian high school

Mainmark’s advanced proprietary void filling solution, Terefil®, was used to fill school’s contaminated subfloor, an area approximately 420m2 and 220mm deep. The project was the first time Terefil was used in this unique way, to cover a contaminated ground site.

Success Story:

Strengthening school building foundations

A two-storey school had suffered earthquake damage and subsidence when Mainmark was called in to strengthen the entire building’s foundation and provide a liquefaction mitigation solution that could reduce the risk of further damage to the structure. Mainmark applied jet grouting to provide a stronger and more stable base for subsequent void filling and strengthening of the foundation ground, helping ensure the school is able to withstand future earthquakes.

Success Story:

Eliminating trip hazards and closing wall cracks

Buildings and recreational assets at a well-known agricultural high school were suffering subsidence due to drought-ravaged conditions that had caused the reactive clay soil beneath the structures to shrink. The building was suffering from cracked walls and 12 swimming pool surround slabs had sunk, creating a trip hazard for students and staff. Mainmark injected expanding structural resins into the ground using small-diameter tubes. This compacted the ground and filled the voids, which provided a base to then continually inject the resins to carefuilly lift and re-level the structure. Although some of the wall cracking was up to 42mm wide, Mainmark was able to completely close the cracks and remove the trip hazards, creating a safer school environment.