Our methods provide ideal solutions for numerous applications, such as: level correction of sinking floors and buildingsstrengthening weak and unstable groundfilling holes, voids and pipesearthquake remediation; and in-ground water and gas control. Mainmark’s non-invasive, cost and time efficient technologies are suitable for any business, from Commercial and Industrial sectors, through to Infrastructure and Mining and Resources. Our methods are successful on any size structure, of any type, including Heritage buildings.

Mainmark’s expanded capabilities now includes Sonic Drilling – an advanced soil penetration and capture technique using high frequency resonant technology.

We use non-invasive techniques, likened to keyhole-surgery, so we don’t tear up floors and excavate ground (injection holes can be as small as 6mm).

We are very quick, completing small and large scale projects in a fraction of the time traditional methods would take.

We don’t cause disruption, so there is little, if any, downtime – in many cases, businesses can continue to operate throughout the process.

We strengthen the future of a structure, strengthening weak ground so buildings generally become level, crack-free, and more stable.

We don’t make mess because there is generally no dust, water, or anything else to clean up.

We don’t cause further damage, we fix existing damage. Wall cracks generally close up, doors and windows can usually operate properly again, and trip hazards are eliminated.