Award winning expertise in earthquake repair and remediation.

Don’t waste any more time when Mainmark has the solutions to give you peace of mind!

Get your home back to level and strengthen the ground underneath. We are experts in earthquake remediation having helped thousands of New Zealand buildings get back to level.

The traditional method of house re-levelling was concrete underpinning. This method has major drawbacks, being a lengthy and messy process.

Our methods are state-of-the-art and likened to keyhole surgery. For homes where there has been seismic activity we primarily use the JOG method which is a computerised system of grout injection. It enables pin-point level correction delivering a gentle and accurate lift to your home.

Alternatively we can use our proprietary Teretek® engineered resin, which is injected into the ground beneath your home.

Mainmark’s proven methods deliver accurate level correction and ground strengthening. Solutions are cost and time efficient, with minimal disturbance to you and your property, and they come with a 50 year product warranty.

To help you discover if the cracks in walls around you home could be due to subsidence, we’ve developed this handy tool. Visit our crack gauge page to download our FREE crack gauge and start measuring and monitoring the wall cracks around your home now!

Print-at-home crack gauge

Our Approach

Cost effective – compared to traditional underpinning methods; no hidden fees or extra costs

Non-invasive – our processes are likened to keyhole surgery, hence no major excavations

Resident friendly – work is carried out with minimal disruption, in many cases you won’t even need to move out!

Time efficient – on average we can get your home back to level in as little as a day or within 1–2 weeks depending on the technologies we utilise

Worry-free – all our products and services are consentable and our Teretek comes backed by a 50-year product warranty for added peace of mind

Accurate – using state of the art technology our qualified technicians can get the level accuracy to within millimetres

Reputable – our specialised methods have been mastered for over 25 years with thousands of satisfied customers

Our Methods

“Thanks very much to your guys who came as planned on Tuesday and worked very thoroughly and efficiently to get the job done. It wasn’t possible to make the floor perfectly flat but it’s as good as we could have expected and I am pleased with the results. Your guys were very professional & personable; would you please pass on my thanks top them for a job well done. I reckon it’s been worth the wait.

Exceptional value for the results achieved.”

Malcolm, Mission Bay, NZ. May 2019

“From the moment we first  contacted Mainmark, they have been an absolute pleasure to work with. A highly skilled, professional, friendly and knowledgeable team from marketing and sales right through to the personnel on site reassuring us at every step of the way, going the extra mile from the outset together with negotiating and coordinating with the Insurance Company. I also can’t praise the men on site enough for their meticulous attention to detail and attitude in appalling weather conditions. Moving a 5 ton + chimney 170 mms without any cracking in a few hours. A miracle!
Thank you J—- and all at Mainmark.”

Andy, Warkworth, NZ. June 2019

“I’m pleased to recommend Mainmark, who recently did some groundwork engineering for me. They were technically capable in a field where there are not many operatives in this country and, in addition, they were considerate and thorough. The Company went beyond their original brief to deliver the best possible service. Thank you.”

Alan, Puhoi Orewa, North Island, NZ. March 2019

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact our customer service centre on NZ 0800 873 835 for obligation free advice. Alternatively refer to our FAQ section.

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