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Mainmark 2017 TV Commercial - Teretek Resin for Homes (Female VO)

Project Profiles

Entire house raised 60mm and re-supported using JOG

Entire House Raised 60mm & Re-supported using JOG Computer & Controlled Grouting

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Stabilisation of subsided ground

House and Garage Lifted and Uretek Deep Injection & Uretek Slab Lifting

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Power station floor re-supported

Heritage Building Re-levelled using JOG Computer and Controlled Grouting

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Jack-assisted driveway slab remediation

Art Gallery Re-supported and Re-levelled using Jet Grouting, JOG Computer & Controlled Grouting

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Helping Heritage Stand Strong

Level Correction and Ground Strengthening Success in Kaiapoi

The Christchurch earthquakes were responsible for numerous buildings ultimately being demolished. So it is refreshing to hear a 130-year old building was recently given a ‘lift’; the first steps towards repairing and restoring the structure, ensuring it can stand strong for many more years to come.

The old Bank of New Zealand building in Kaiapoi underwent the first stage of its restoration, with level correction and ground strengthening successfully completed by Mainmark Ground Engineering.

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sinking heritage building foundation

When I found we had to re-level our house I did alot of research.
Mainmark allowed us to stay in the house, which was great.
Our gardens weren't dug up and the driveway was left alone.
Mainmark really made a difference.
Bob FosterTai Tapu, Christchurch
We are so pleased with Mainmark's efforts in levelling our garage.
There was little disruption and your methods saved me from having
to completely clean out the garage. The team were good to work with
and show a commitment to 'sorting out problems'. Well done.
Marlene and DonChristchurch
The work done was superb. It finished so well
that my wife thought you hadn't been there that day.
Excellent work and a relief for us.

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In short, a lot. In the past five years, we have level-corrected hundreds of homes damaged by the Christchurch quakes. Prior to this Mainmark Ground Engineering has worked on earthquake-specific repairs since 1989.

The work will be carried out by Mainmark Ground Engineering, using our own experienced technicians and Quality Management System.

We can take care of this for you, or work with you in achieving this if required. All the residential projects we have completed have been consented.

Mainmark uses specially formulated resins and grouts, cured by an irreversible reaction that sets in a matter of seconds to minutes. All our cured materials are inert and permanent.

All our materials have a warranty of 50 years.
The materials we use have been developed for use underground and have been specifically engineered to resist shrinkage and deterioration. These materials are warranted by Mainmark Ground Engineering in accordance with the product durability requirements of applicable local and national Building Codes.

Yes, the methods we use are accepted by all insurers.

Every project is individually assessed, on the basis of available structural, geotechnical and level survey information.
Please see Our Methods section for further information.

Broadly speaking, by our highly skilled technicians, trained and experienced in the worldwide, patented systems we use.
The building is continuously monitored throughout the correction process, by way of laser and computer and various other monitoring devices. These allow for precise measurement of movement and control of injection.

Most wall cracks will close as the building is raised, allowing simple final repairs to follow. There can be instances of structural resistance that may hinder full closure, but this should not prohibit final repairs.

No, lifting is very gentle, generally uniformly spread across the entire area to be corrected.

Very little, if any. We use ‘keyhole surgery’, with no major excavation and minimal disruption or mess. The injection holes required are between 16 mm to 30 mm in diameter.

No, not always; in some situations the correction works can be completed without you having to move out. Every project is assessed individually and we will discuss the options with you.

Each and every project is different – the amount of lift, area for correction, building construction and ground conditions can all vary.
As an example: an ‘average’ residential correction, with an 80mm even fall across a medium size house, is likely to be completed within 5 to 10 days of injection.

In Christchurch, the largest amount of lift on a single building to date is 190 mm. Theoretically there is no limit to the amount of lift possible.
Overseas, a concrete aqueduct (in the style of a box culvert) that had settled 1300mm due to poorly compacted sub-grade, was lifted back completely.




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