Sonic Drill, Geoprobe & Quantum Imager

Mainmark can facilitate the detailed testing of soils and the accurate mapping and reporting of underground services.


Sonic Drill, Geoprobe & Quantum Imager

Mainmark can facilitate the detailed testing of soils with our Sonic Drill or Geoprobe, and the accurate mapping and reporting of underground services with our Quantum Imager.

Sonic Drilling

Sonic drilling is a soil penetration technique that can provide high quality, undisturbed soil and rock samples at depths of up to 30m. In addition to ground sampling, sonic drilling can be used to support a range of environmental, geotechnical, geo-construction and mineral exploration works.

The high frequency resonant technology produces a very straight drill point that can penetrate and secure most ground formations for retrieval – even cobbles, rock layers and boulders.

Uniquely, the sonic drilling process enables extraction of undisturbed ground samples at greater depths than is possible using alternative

Sonic Drilling Brochure

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  • High efficiency with extremely fast penetration speeds in alluvial material
  • Rock fracturing and penetration of concrete and other high density layers
  • A small, light-weight rig with exceptional power output
  • High quality samples in dry and saturated soil layers
  • Easy retrieval of drill string and casing using sonic vibrations
  • Low noise level compared to hammering with probe rigs/minimal noise pollution
  • Lower cost per data point or core sample. Quicker return on investment
  • Speed: production rate is 3 to 4 times faster compared to conventional overburden sampling and drilling techniques.
  • Clean: waste can be reduced by up to 70% compared to conventional overburden drilling methods.
  • Project reliability: risk of project failure due to unknown geological surprises are reduced. The possibility to drill and sample almost all formations – even cobbles, rock layers and boulders.
  • Superior sample quality: samples are undisturbed with high recovery rate. The sample is accurate through both soft and hard overburden formations.

Geoprobe 420m®

Our Geoprobe 420M is a small direct push drill rig perfect for limited access applications, suitable for geotechnical soil and groundwater sampling. It is portable and lightweight making it easy to be manually lifted and carried to remote sampling locations.

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Quantum Imager

Mainmark’s Quantum Imager is capable of imaging at significantly greater depths (up to 9m deep) with higher resolution than any other locating technology, thanks to the combination of pulse radar and stepped frequency radar, and the lower bandwidth of dual frequency systems.




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